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Salisbury Fire Department Chooses Biodiesel

on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 9:59 AM

City of Salisbury Firefighters go green later this month when fuel tanks on new apparatus are fed a biodiesel blend.

The switch comes as City of Salisbury agencies and other vehicle operators turn to fuels made from soybeans or other vegetable byproducts as an alternative to regular diesel, much of which is made from imported oil. Cato Gas & Oil of Salisbury will distribute the fuel that blends up to 20 percent of soybean or vegetable oils with petroleum.

The Salisbury Fire Department is making every effort to be “green,” and conscious of our environment, as well as our economy. While biodiesel fuels are not new, this is new to the Salisbury Fire Department. With the recent acquisition of newer, “greener” apparatus, this has allowed our Department to begin using the safer, cleaner biodiesel. The older apparatus, which is being replaced by these new pieces, would not allow us to use, or burn, biodiesel fuel.

Biodiesel is a safer, bio-degradable, more cost-effective fuel that offers better emissions and is less toxic. Each gallon purchased helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil as all the feedstock comes from domestic sources.

The City of Salisbury, the Salisbury Fire Department and Cato Gas & Oil will have a kick-off press conference at the Northwood Drive location of the Pacific Pride Self Pumps, located at 2229 Northwood Drive, Salisbury, Maryland 21801 on Thursday, September 10 at 2pm. Mayor Jim Ireton and Acting Fire Chief Richard Hoppes are both scheduled to give brief remarks. Representatives from Cato Gas & Oil will also be on hand. We look forward to seeing you there!


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