Cato Heating Fuels - Commercial

Cato offers a variety of heating fuels to satisfy your commercial heating needs. We offer #2 fuel oil, propane, and kerosene (both K1 and dyed)

Heating Oil

Heating Oil (also known as #2 Fuel Oil) is one of the most common fuels used for heat in any commercial application. It is used in offices, condominiums, schools, churches, apartment buildings, retail stores, and many other settings. Heating oil has multiple commercial hot water uses, including heating for concrete mixing, steam production for dry leaning, and cooking.


Propane is very prevalent in commercial and industrial applications. Propane is far more versatile than other heating fuels and is used as a motor fuel. More details about propane and its uses can be found here.< p/>

Clear and Dyed Kerosene

Clear Kerosene is a clean burning fuel that is used for interior heating when ventilation is not available. It is also often used for temporary space heating. Dyed Kerosene is used as a heat source for outdoor space heating in well-ventilated areas.

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