Cato Wholesale Branded Motor Fuels


Our Branded Retail business is the foundation of our success – 75% of the products we deliver are to these customers. And with Cato Gas & Oil's high regard in the petroleum industry you can be assured we operate under the highest standards of business ethics. We offer branding of retail sites with Exxon, MobilShell , Citgo. and Crown.

What makes Cato Gas & Oil your best choice for Branded Retail?

  • Cato beats the pricing differential at the "racks" with our premier unbranded program, "Bulls Eye."
  • We serve the entire Mid-Atlantic Region! Supply points include:
    Delaware City
    Sinking Springs
    Twin Oaks
    and others being added to our distribution area.
  • Complete assistance in branding stores including site selection, construction, engineering, and store layout.
  • Comprehensive business planning, marketing assistance and investment funds are available.
  • Utilize automatic polling system to monitor fuel levels for just-in-time delivery.
  • We use our own tractor trailers as well as Cato-approved common carriers.
  • We provide professional, knowledgeable, courteous and "safety first" drivers.
  • Coordinate and implementation of marketing and co-op advertising programs.
  • With water surrounding the Mid-Atlantic region, marinas can also be branded and serviced.

Dealer and business references can be provided for our credibility. Our aim is to exceed your expectations every time! 

If you would like to brand your retail station please contact Chris Mergner at 1-888-399-2286 or 410-546-1215, ext 3046 or email at