Cato's Commitment to Green

At Cato, we place a high priority on offering products that keep your home at an optimum comfort level, while at the same time operating at much cleaner and more efficient levels than ever before.  We are always striving to offer our clients the best and cleanest possible fuels.



We’re proud to offer an environmentally friendly fuel - propane.  Propane is one of the most efficient and least environmentally impactful fuel sources available in the state of Maryland.


Low Sulfur Heating Oil

The amount of sulfur in heating oil has been dramatically reduced from over 1% in 1970 to an average of .2% today, an 80% reduction.  This means the heating oil we deliver to your home today burns more efficiently than ever before. If you plan to use heating oil, we want to be make sure you’re using the cleanest burning fuel in the most energy efficient equipment.