Our Environmental Philosophy

For over 50 years, we have remained committed to protecting the environment and leading our industry in a constant effort to increase efficiency and decrease our environmental impact.

Commitment in Our Daily Operations

Cato employs highly educated and well-trained experts whose main responsibility is to ensure that our facilities remain in compliance with all laws, regulations, and practices related to environmental matters.  We utilize state of the art equipment and systems to carefully monitor our facilities and operations.  Throughout the Mid-Atlantic, we are considered one of the leaders in our industry as it relates to environmental compliance. 

At Cato, voluntary participation in industry related activities, such as government sponsored education, seminars, and programs, is standard practice.  We strive to maintain a mutually respectful relationship with all regulatory agencies, and we are committed to working with these agencies to protect our environment.

We Believe…

Our employee handbook clearly states our commitment to the environment and this philosophy is part of our corporate ethic at every level of the company.  We believe in the responsibility of all employees to recognize that the special nature of the products we handle in our business operations creates a unique stewardship for our natural resource.

We believe in ensuring that all responsible, economic steps are taken to protect the environment we live and work in, and we constantly strive to prevent petroleum releases from our equipment and the equipment of our customers.

At Cato, we believe that we will meet both the letter and the spirit of environmental regulations and work to maintain a solid dialogue with regulatory authorities to bring about prudent regulations and protections.

Finally, we believe in actively supporting local environmental programs on the use and conservation of our natural resources.