Cato Pacific Pride Fuel Services

Our Pacific Pride Fueling System is strictly for commercial and government fleets. Today's competitive business climate demands you operate your fleet at peak efficiency to stay ahead of your competitors. That means gaining better control of your vehicle use and fuel consumption. Thanks to our network of automated fueling stations, you can reach your goal of better fuel accountability from a single credit source.

Pacific Pride's fueling stations are clean, modern and well-lighted. And they're always open - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - which means no time is lost searching for fuel on weekends or after hours. Your drivers have easy in-and-out access. There are seldom any lines because we serve only our commercial customers - our Frequent Fuelers. The Pacific Pride Fueling Network has over 1,300 locations Coast-to-Coast...and growing fast!

Pacific Pride helps you take control over the buying practices of your drivers. With our Fleet Management System, there are no lost receipts or unauthorized purchases to worry about.