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Cato Pacific Pride Program

  • A Fueling System strictly for Commercial & Government fleets!
  • Unattended sites to provide fueling 24-hours a day, 365 days a year!
  • Expanded local coverage available through our retail locations!
  • The most secure purchase system available with a vehicle card and PIN number to make a purchase!
  • Controls the fuel type by vehicle!
  • Controls, and restricts time of day, dollar amount, gallon amount and other features to ensure security!
  • 24/ 7 on-line capability to manage your own fleet!
  • Captures odometer readings and miscellaneous data by vehicle!
  • Description of federal, state & local excise tax reporting throughout the United States!
  • Eliminates fuel misappropriation as well as fuel misuse!
  • Eliminates unauthorized fuel purchases!
  • Eliminates purchases of food, beer, cash advances, etc,.
  • Our system can generate fuel management reports: weekly, semi-monthly or monthly!
  • Provides vehicle efficiency / driver proficiency